Welcome to CMT Real Estate

CMT Real Estate is an intermediary for:

  • Rent
  • Rental
  • Management

of real estate.

CMT Real Estate

CMT Real Estate is a renowned organization, and has been been for 20 years already, and is capable of offering a fast and high quality service, as an intermediary for rent, rental, and management of real estate.

What is CMT Real Estate specialized in

We are specialized in the rental to expats in furnished- and partly furnished accomodation for shorter- or longer periods.

How do we work at CMT Real Estate

At CMT Real Estate you can count on a pleasant and personal approach. We work with a "Network System" that offers new available real estate daily. The data of this real estate will be compared the same day by our employees with the demands of clients who are seeking apartments/houses. This efficient manner of working enables us to be of service to you fast, and furthermore assist you from A to Z.

Extra care and service tor landlords

The benefits of working with CMT Real Estate:

  • Efficient approach
  • Personal and friendly guiding
  • The drafting of rental contracts
  • Placement of property on our website and other websites
  • Professional home presentation
  • No cure No pay
  • The incheck