For more than 20 years, CMT Real Estate is well known for expert advice and professional assessment for renting your apartment/house.This is why, as the intermediary for renting of real estate, CMT Real Estate is the right place to turn to.

Our relations consist of many (inter)national companies and Embassies in The Hague and surroundings, who are continuously looking for appropriate apartments and houses for their employees. The relations database is still growing by great satisfaction as a result of the way we work and our guidance. With us, flexibility and speed is of paramount importance.

By using a "Network System" CMT Real Estate is kept up-to-date. Colleague real estate agents as well as CMT Real Estate's own clients can vislt the real estate through us. Only if and when your apartment or house is actually rented out by CMT Real Estate, you pay the commission fee (No cure No pay).

Cooperating with CMT Real Estate company implies that we take over massive and time-consuming workload:

  • non binding intake appointment
  • professional home presentation
  • placing on our website and other websites
  • presentation of your apartment/house to our relations
  • negotiations
  • drafting of the contracts
  • careful research of antecedents
  • the in-check
  • No cure No pay